Flash Forward Incubator: Still Life Theme

Flash Forward Incubator artist Shellie Zhang

Hello Magenta Friends,

We hope you’re all keeping well and healthy during these times. At Magenta Foundation, we’re busy with upcoming programs and publications.

This year’s Flash Forward Incubator Program invites participants to create photography based projects that delve into the genre of Still Life photography.

Over the past eight years, the Incubator Program has expanded across the country and refined it’s curriculum to become a highly developed online education program.

As an essential part of the Incubator program, and the component that allows us to undertake our national outreach strategy, we have developed sophisticated online teaching and learning methods that allow us to support students, increase access to essential tools and organizations, develop an appreciation of the photographic arts and develop professional skills for students to build on.

We are inspired by the resilience and creativity demonstrated by all of our students who continue to be at the heart of this program and grateful for the hard work dedicated by the teachers in supporting their students online and giving them the confidence they need to succeed.

With the deepest gratitude, we would like to THANK all our sponsors for helping us build our program, online and strengthen it during the Covid-19 pandemic. A HUGE THANK you to RBC, our National Learning Outreach Sponsor, and also to Canon, Exposure, Capture, AGH, Ryerson and OCAD.

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