Flash Forward Incubator Testimonials

The Flash Forward Incubator Program is dedicated to fostering future practitioners in Canada coast to coast by giving youth from diverse backgrounds the mentorship they need to create their work and a platform to amplify their voices through exhibitions and publications.

Glenn Novak
Teacher at Etobicoke School of the Arts in Etobicoke

“Since receiving our printer from Magenta, there has been a dramatic and welcomed response from our students. Having physical prints of their work has increased the sense of achievement in our students’ abilities and validated photography as a medium to explore. Since we began printing student work with the printer we were able to acquire through the Flash Forward Incubator Program, our program has grown from 108 students to 187 students. In the last two years, our students have received the top scholarships in the top undergrad photography programs in the world and students are more engaged in their role as artists and supportive of their peers’ pursuit of the same goal.”

Soula St. Jean
Teacher at Newtonbrook Secondary School in North York

“Currently we have limited funds for students to reach their creative potential. In contemporary art-making, it is crucial to be able to experiment with different media, materials and formats, and it is essential that we are able to support our students to the best of our abilities. With this gift from the Incubator Program, we are now able to purchase materials and equipment, which we normally would not have the budget to purchase.

Many students have their own phones as cameras but there are many students who don’t have access to and or have poor quality cameras. New cameras will give those students the opportunity to have access to higher resolution equipment to produce more professional artworks. It will also be more equitable for all students to have the same opportunity.

It makes a big difference in a young artist’s life when they have the opportunity to work with professional equipment and high quality materials; it motivates them to do a better job and the end product is better, increasing their confidence.”

Michele Mondoux

“Thank you for giving youth the opportunity to participate in the Magenta Flash Forward Incubator Program. My daughter participated this year and it was a tremendously positive experience. What a thrill she had going to the Stephen Bulger Gallery and seeing her work hanging in a real gallery setting! The confidence she gained watching people discuss and bid on her piece was phenomenal.

My daughter came out this year as transfeminine, and it has been a challenging year for her as she navigates who she is and, more importantly, who she is becoming. This project allowed her to explore and express her feelings through art, the medium she feels most comfortable with. It was a great experience from beginning to end. She enjoyed the people and having access to mentors who were interested in talking to her about her art. She felt welcomed and supported at all points in the process.

Alison is entering OCAD’s Integrated Media program next year, and will go there with an increased assurance in the worth of her art and of herself. I thank you for that.”