Flash Forward Incubator 2020: It’s A Wrap!

Hello Magenta Friends!

Thank you all so much for another amazing year of Flash Forward Incubator! This was definitely the year we faced many challenges, but we overcame it, culminating in a wonderful affirmation of this groundbreaking program.

This year’s Flash Forward Incubator program included over 350 participants who signed up across the country, and an impressive 213 who crossed the finish line during a pandemic.

Mazel Tov!

Please take a moment to peruse the brilliant online catalogue designed by Kristine Do, of which we are very proud.

Our endless gratitude to our educators, Jenny-Anne McCowan, Fehn Foss and Cassandra Ng, our amazing teachers and most of all our sponsors who make everything possible; RBC, AGH, TD, Capture Photography Festival and Exposure Photo Festival. We could not do this without you.

To see everything we did, please visit the below links:

Download the FFIP 2020 Catalogue PDF →

See the FFIP 2020 Coast to Coast Images

FFIP 2020 Online Galleries and Videos