We're pleased to announce this year's winners.

2017 Winners
Flash Forward: Emerging photographers

Bright Spark

  • Aleksey Kondratyev

Grant Winner

  • Maya Fuhr



  • Ali Bosworth
  • Andrew McGill
  • Catherine Canac-Marquis
  • Chris Bianco
  • Chris Donovan
  • Christelle Boulé
  • Fiona Annis
  • Hongen Nar
  • Jean-François Hamelin
  • Jen Osborne
  • Jessica Thalmann
  • Justin Somjen
  • Katie Sadie
  • Mara Gajic
  • Mark Sommerfeld
  • Marta Iwanek
  • Matthew Brooks
  • Michelle Siu
  • Nathaniel Brunt
  • Nick Kozak
  • Nicolas Gouin
  • Patryk Stasieczek
  • Pauline Petit
  • Ryan Walker
  • Samuel Pasquier
  • Sara Hylton
  • Stephanie Foden
  • Talia Shipman
  • Tommy Keith
  • Troy Moth

United Kingdom


  • Al Palmer
  • Alejandra Carles-Tolra
  • Alexander Coggin
  • Alexandra Lethbridge
  • Alice Mann
  • Christopher Nunn
  • Cian Oba-Smith
  • Clare Hewitt
  • Denisha Anderson
  • Emily Graham
  • Emma Levy
  • Holly Falconer
  • Ilka & Franz
  • Juliana Kasumu
  • Laura Pannack
  • Lewis Bush
  • Luke Archer
  • Morgan Brown
  • Nicholas White
  • Nicola Muirhead
  • Oliver Tooke
  • Owen Harvey
  • Piotr Karpinski
  • Rachel Louise Brown
  • Rafaela Fahn Schoffman
  • Thom Bridge
  • Tommy Trenchard
  • Tori Ferenc
  • Will Hartley
  • Yuqing Lai

United States


  • Aaron Blum
  • Alex Nelson
  • Alex Wroblewski
  • Alia Ali
  • Allison Stewart
  • Alyssa Schukar
  • Amy Lombard
  • Bryan Anselm
  • Bryan Derballa
  • Bryan Thomas
  • David Kasnic
  • Emily Larsen
  • Guanyu Xu
  • Ian C. Bates
  • Ike Edeani
  • Isabel Magowan
  • Kyra Kennedy
  • Landon Speers
  • Matt Eich
  • Max Cleary
  • Michael Vince Kim
  • Mustafah Abdulaziz
  • Natalie Keyssar
  • Penn Chan
  • Pete Kiehart
  • Sarah Blesener
  • Sasha Tivetsky
  • Svetlana Bailey
  • Theo Stroomer
  • Tyler Haughey

The Magenta Foundation gratefully acknowledges the support of TD Bank Group for their ongoing commitment to Flash Forward and to emerging artists.

TD Bank Group



  • Erin Elder, Manager, Business Development & Partnerships, The Globe and Mail
  • Rachel Wine, Visual Producer, The Globe and Mail
  • Lori Morgan, Photo Editor, Air Canada enRoute
  • Devan Patel, Director, Project Gallery
  • Vanessa Runions, Art Coordinator, TD Bank Group
  • Meredith Preuss, Director, Capture Photography Festival

UK & International Jurors

  • Dan Gaba, Photo Editor, The Wall Street Journal, London
  • Matthew Beaman, Photography Director, Monocle Magazine
  • Lisa Rovner, Storyteller
  • Julie Thymann, Production Head of Art, Mother
  • Andy Greenacre, Picture Editor, Telegraph Magazine
  • Laura Noble, Director, L A Noble Gallery
  • Azu Nwagbogu, Director, Lagos Photo Festival and African Artists Foundation
  • Lucy Conticello, Photography Director, M, Le magazine du Monde
  • Emilia van Lynden, Head of Artistic Affairs, Unseen Photo Fair & Festival

United States

  • Genevieve Fussell, Senior Photo Editor, The New Yorker
  • Amy K Pereira, Director of Photography, MSNBC
  • Kerri MacDonald, Social Photo Editor, The New York Times
  • David Rosenberg, Slate/Behold
  • Timothy Archibald, Photographer

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About Flash Forward

Established in 2004, Flash Forward, in all its award-winning formats, has been a life-changing career boost for young photographers since its inception 14 years ago. This program for supporting and encouraging emerging artists in Canada and worldwide began with an idea to invest in artists barely out of university. Not only did we turn a small idea into a prominent worldwide competition, we paved the way for a high school program to influence arts curriculums, change and encourage leadership in teachers and keep essential funds in high schools.