We’re pleased to announce this year’s winners

2019 Winners

Special Interest

Akea Brown, USA


Lukas Kreibig, Germany


Female Identifying
Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart, Canada


Liam Mackenzie, Canada



  • Rhiannon Adam
  • Jennifer Adler
  • Emine Akbaba
  • José A. Alvarado Jr.
  • Liza Ambrossio
  • Bryan Anselm
  • Sasha Arutyunnova
  • Alexis Aubin
  • Tabitha Barnard
  • Emily Berl
  • Tanya Bindra
  • Rachel Boillot
  • Eliza Bourner
  • Rose Brock
  • Lisa Brunzell
  • Samuel Budin
  • Anna-Tia Buss
  • Tristan Casey
  • Clea Christakos-Gee
  • Macarena Costan
  • David Coulson
  • Danielle Da Silva
  • Chance DeVille
  • Chris Donovan
  • Tori Ferenc
  • Callan Field
  • Samuel W.J. Fordham
  • Jillian Freyer
  • Anthony Gebrehiwot
  • Marta Giaccone
  • Leyla Godfrey
  • Karla Guerrero
  • Kenneth Guthrie
  • Elena Helfrecht
  • Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin
  • Zackery Hobler
  • Shuran Huang
  • Catherine Hyland
  • Rachel Jessen
  • Olivia Johnston
  • Sangsuk Sylvia Kang
  • Vikesh Kapoor
  • Alvaro Keding
  • Tommy Keith
  • Anu Kumar
  • Claude Labrèche-Lemay
  • Vaughan Larsen
  • Jarod Lew
  • Kim Llerena
  • Ward Long
  • Lucy Lu
  • Patrick Marcoux
  • Jessica Martinez
  • Jim McAuley
  • Connor McCormack
  • Zora Murff
  • Jamie Murray
  • Nadiya Nacorda
  • Jennifer Osborne
  • Kate Ovaska
  • Megan Paetzhold
  • Sarah Palmer
  • Laura Pannack
  • Sarah Pannell
  • Camillo Pasquarelli
  • Joe Pettet-Smith
  • Sasha Phyars-Burgess
  • Charmaine Poh
  • Miguel Proença
  • Cody Punter
  • Bailey Quinlan
  • Carolina Rapezzi
  • Benjamin Rasmussen
  • Laura Beth Reese
  • Emma Ressel
  • Pearson Ripley
  • Whitten Sabbatini
  • Katie Sadie
  • Giovana Schluter
  • Nicholas Simko
  • Luca Soldovieri
  • Mark Sommerfeld
  • Sunny Strader
  • riel Sturchio
  • Maria Sturm
  • Amrita Stützle
  • Lawrence Sumulong
  • Arnaud Teicher
  • Xavier Tera
  • Jade Thiraswas
  • Ana Vallejo
  • Maryam Wahid
  • Ryan Walker
  • Nicholas White
  • Alexey Yurenev

The Magenta Foundation gratefully acknowledges the support of TD Bank Group for their ongoing commitment to Flash Forward and to emerging artists.

TD Bank Group
Flash Forward 2018 Special Category Winners

February 12, 2019–October 19, 2019

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  • Katie Dunn Contributing Photo Editor, Airbnb Magazine
  • Natasha Ritsma Curator, Loyola University Museum of Art
  • Giuseppe Oliverio CEO & Founder, PHmuseum
  • Lucy Pike Content Lead, WeTransfer
  • Jasmine DeFoore Freelance photo editor and photo consultant
  • Carol LeFlufy Owner/Agent, Eye Forward
  • Alessia Glaviano Vogue Italia/Director of Photo Vogue
  • Michaela Peker The Canvas Agency, Toronto
  • Kerry Manders Writer, Editor, Curator, Photographer
  • Quentin Nardi Chief Photo Editor, Smithsonian Magazine
  • Jess T Dugan Photographer and Co-Founder, Strange Fire Collective
  • Catherine Troiano Curator, Photographs, V&A
  • Jaki Jo Hannan Integrated Producer, adam&eveDDB & Founder, Equal Lens
  • Madz Rehorek Photographer, Curator, Teacher. Asia Pacific manager for @dysturb
  • Chloe Coleman Photo Editor, The Washington Post
  • Lesley Beardy Freelance Photographer, Graduate Student in Cultural Studies at the University of Winnipeg, Project Manager for upcoming GLAM Collective exhibition
  • Rachel Wine Assistant Photo Editor at The Globe And Mail

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About Flash Forward

Established in 2004, Flash Forward, in all its award-winning formats, has been a life-changing career boost for young photographers since its inception 14 years ago. This program for supporting and encouraging emerging artists in Canada and worldwide began with an idea to invest in artists barely out of university. Not only did we turn a small idea into a prominent worldwide competition, we paved the way for a high school program to influence arts curriculums, change and encourage leadership in teachers and keep essential funds in high schools.