July 10, 2015–August 9, 2015

Why People Photograph
Work from the students of Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh Filmmakers


The Magenta Foundation invited Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh Filmmakers photography faculty to assemble an exhibition representative of the work coming out of both institutions.

This group show represents students who are passionate about the medium and work in a non-traditional manner. Personal narratives, social documents, constructed still-lifes, abstractions, landscape, fashion and portraiture are all explored here, along with photographic books and gelatin/silver images.

We hope this work engages your curiosity and encourages you to seek out more from these talented new artists.

Participating Artists

  • Aaron Regal
  • Bob Olson
  • Christianna Kreiss
  • Denise Bell
  • Ethan Frier
  • Gwen Sadler
  • Hannah Kim
  • Jake Reinhart
  • Jason Friedman
  • Jennifer Sanchez
  • Joan Heineman
  • Joana Ricou
  • Maria Akis
  • Michael Novara
  • Nathan Treviño & Max Perim
  • Rubini Naidu
  • Sarah Keeling
  • Shelley Lipton
  • Steve Haines
  • Tejasvir Singh Rekhi
  • Thomas Preston
  • Thomas Wucherpfennig
  • Vincent Carr
Installation photo of Why People Photograph

July 10, 2015–August 9, 2015

The exhibition is now over. Thanks for joining us and supporting our artists.

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Opening Reception
6:00–10:00 pm

937 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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