Instagram Artists Takeover

The Loneliest Child In The World from the series Big Fence / Pitcairn Island by Flash Forward 2019 winner Rhiannon Adam

If you haven’t visited us lately on Instagram, here’s a good reason to. Each week one of our esteemed emerging artists takes over on our Magenta Foundation Instagram account and shares their work with our audience. Follow us and come along on the journey.

Our Flash Forward 2019 competition-winning artists share from their bodies of work and the results are nothing short of captivating. For instance, plunge into the world of Pitcairn island with U.K. artist Rhiannon Adam, who details her time there in empathetic, riveting detail with insight into her work and practice. See it here.

Canadian artist Alexis Aubin takes us to Columbia, and the efforts of people there to ban landmines. We are brought along on a journey with a non-technical surveys team as they are heading to destroy a landmine in the Siona indigenous territory of Buena Vista, just as an example.

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