5,000 Instagram Followers!

Self-portrait from the series Women from the Pakistani Diaspora, Maryam Wahid. Image courtesy of the artist

Hello Magenta Friends!

We’ve reached and surpassed the milestone of 5,000 followers over on Instagram! Please join us there if you haven’t already. We have 5,200 followers and counting. One reason we’re growing daily is thanks to our Artist Takeover program on Instagram. We’ve invited the 2019 winners of Flash Forward to be our guest artists, and they are simply amazing, you won’t be disappointed.

One among our many recent takeover artists includes the celebrated emerging photographer Maryam Wahid, who took over the Magenta Foundation Instagram account.

“This self-portrait is from the series ‘Women from the Pakistani Diaspora’ and is composed in Birmingham that explores the identity of my mother as an 18 year old woman of Pakistani origin who emigrated to the United Kingdom,” said Wahid. “I have depicted these images by showcasing outfits that were worn by my mother over 35 years ago and by visiting the places that were significant to my mother’s life as a young migrant woman in Britain.” she added. See it here.

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