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The Magenta Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of year fourteen of Flash Forward, its Emerging Photographers Competition.

The Magenta Foundation gratefully acknowledges the support of Flash Forward Festival Presenting Sponsor TD Bank Group for their ongoing commitment to Flash Forward and to emerging artists.

Check out Flash Forward Flash Back, our new web showcase for all Flash Forward Competition winners, past and present. See the work of present and past competition winners, interviews, topical discussions, and the jurors’ favourite entries.


Special Interest

Racial Issues
Luisa Dorr, Brazil

LGBTQ Issues
Jan Hoek / Duran Lantink / SistaazHood (trans sex work support group)

Climate and the Environment
Nichole Sobecki, Kenya

Female-identifying Photographers
Nina Röder, Germany

2018 Winners
  • Cassi Alexandra
  • Emanuele Amighetti
  • Amanda Annand
  • Elena Anosova
  • Alexander Anufriev
  • Ryan Arthurs
  • Sasha Arutyunnova
  • Miia Autio
  • Svetlana Bailey
  • Sarah Blesener
  • Riccardo Bononi
  • Amber Bracken
  • Rachel Bujalski
  • Carlos Chavarría
  • Will Cox
  • Nathan Cyprys
  • David Degner
  • Gabriella Demczuk
  • Andrea DiCenzo
  • Cate Dingley
  • Selina Disera
  • Chris Donovan
  • Chloë Ellingson
  • Jennifer Emerling
  • Leila Fatemi
  • Mara Gajic
  • Emily Garthwaite
  • Mary Gelman
  • Mojgan Ghanbari
  • Xavier Girard Lachaîne
  • Roei Greenberg
  • Ruben Hamelink
  • Constanze Han
  • Claire Harbage
  • William Hartley
  • Nanna Heitmann
  • Manuela Henao
  • Neha Hirve
  • Lee Hoagland
  • James Hosking
  • Eui-Jip Hwang
  • Monique Jaques
  • Camilla Jerome
  • Mark Kauzlarich
  • Tommy Kha
  • Cassandra Klos
  • Brendan George Ko
  • Ryan Koopmans
  • Jackson Krule
  • Alex Kwok
  • Joannie Lafreniere
  • Tammy Lam
  • Marvin Leuvrey
  • Camille Leveque
  • Justin Levesque
  • Yshao Lin
  • Ina Lounguine
  • Morris Lum
  • Tom Maguire
  • Alice Mann
  • Soraya Matos
  • Andrea Morales
  • Saige Mukash
  • Jake Naughton
  • Anna Ottum
  • Mikael Owunna
  • Alana Paterson
  • Matthew Polvorosa Kline
  • Alison Postma
  • Kathleen Prior
  • Antonio Pulgarin
  • Terry Ratzlaff
  • John-David Richardson
  • Darren Rigo
  • Eduardo L Rivera
  • Alyssa Schukar
  • Jay Seawell
  • Manuel Seoane
  • Eleonore Simon
  • Ben Sklar
  • Mark Sommerfeld
  • Paweł Starzec
  • Robert Stothard
  • Aaron Turner
  • Ryan Van Der Hout
  • Craig Waddell
  • Andrew Waits
  • Ryan Walker
  • Emily Wiethorn
  • D’Angelo Williams
  • Ian Willms
  • Jack Yong
  • Hannah Yoon
  • Rana Young
  • Alia Youssef
  • Alena Zhandarova

The Judges

  • Sam Barzilay Creative Director & Co-Founder of United Photo Industries & Photoville
  • Clinton Cargill Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Chloe Coleman Photo Editor, The Washington Post
  • Peter DiCampo Photographer and Every Day Africa
  • Erin Elder Senior Manager, Business Strategy and Operations, The Globe and Mail
  • Dan Gaba Photo Editor, The Wall Street Journal
  • Liz Ikiriko Photo Editor/Curator
  • Nicolas Janowski Photographer and Curator at Fola & PHMuseum
  • Cat Jimenez Executive Director, Lucie Foundation
  • Oliver Laurent Photo Editor, Foreign + Social Media, The Washington Post
  • Brent Lewis Photo Editor, ESPN and Founder, Diversify Photo
  • Paul Moakley Deputy Director of Photography and Visual Enterprise, Time Magazine
  • Lori Morgan Photo Editor, Air Canada EnRoute
  • Devan Patel Director, Project Gallery
  • Elizabeth Renstrom Photographer and Photo Editor, VICE
  • Arianna Rinaldo Independent Photo Editor and Curator
  • Vanessa Runions Associate Art Curator, TD Bank Group
  • Kim Spencer-Nairn Director, Capture Photo Festival
  • Ian Sternthal Founder, Sternthal Books
  • Jeremy Tsang Visual Artist and Founder, Jeremy Does Art Prints & Double Happiness Projects
  • Daniella Zalcman Documentary photographer and Founder, Women Photograph


A new direction — Flash Forward: Canada and the World

When the Flash Forward Emerging Artists Competition first began 13 years ago, the intention was to support and encourage emerging photographers in Canada and stack them up against their counterparts in the U.S. and U.K. to show that there was a group of talented voices not getting the exposure it deserved.

As we enter our 14th year, we are seeing a growing shift in perspective: The work of these young people is being taken seriously industry wide, as gallerists, art buyers and photo editors realize that this younger generation is better suited to tell the stories that speak to their peer group. You only need to look to the explosion of Instagram and the talent mining that routinely happens there, for major campaigns to see the change.

Because of this and in the spirit of standing up for under-served artists focusing on the major issues of our time, The Magenta Foundation is announcing a big change for Flash Forward 2018.

Flash Forward 2018 will be an emerging photographers competition for ALL photographers (34 years-of-age or under, as of December 31, 2017), in all forms of photography, from all over the world.

This year we’re also introducing 4 additional areas of special interest:

  1. Racial Issues
  2. Climate and the Environment
  3. LGBTQ Issues
  4. Female-identifying Photographers

If your work is not in the 4 special interest categories, don’t worry. You can still submit your work!!! If you win, your work will be included in the main catalogue.

NEW Requirements

  • Open to all photographers around the world.
  • Applicants must be 34 years-of-age or under as of December 31, 2017.
  • The submission fee is $25 USD.
  • Please review all submission guidelines and upload instructions before you submit your work.

Submissions are now closed. Thank you!

NEW Publication Prizes

Flash Forward: Canada and the World will include 5 publications as part of the yearly award.

  • One large compendium of the 100 winners from the year, and
  • 4 artist catalogues; one for each special interest focus.

With these book awards we hope to start conversations that promote awareness, engagement, education and acceptance worldwide. We want to create an expansive visual language base, supporting the work of artists who are doing all they can to make the world a better place while making sure we celebrate and showcase, emerging talent, in all forms.