Thank You To ALL Essential Workers

Image: A plea from Halifax healthcare workers via Chelsea Rowan’s Facebook post

Hello Magenta Friends,

We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe during this COVID-19 crisis that has affected us all. First off, we would like to use our platform to say thank you to all the essential workers that are carrying us through this difficult time, especially the frontline health care workers including doctors, nurses and all the important hospital support staff who are making an enormous sacrifice right now for humankind. We thank you so much.

There is also another group we would like to call out to thank right now. It’s the grocery store workers around the world who go to work while the rest of us stay home. They keep shops open and running so that the rest of us have food to eat. We thank you for your essential service.

We would also like to offer up our support to those affected by COVID-19 directly, our thoughts are with you at this time. At Magenta Foundation, we believe strongly in the value of art and its healing power. Visual artists and photographers at all stages of their careers are in need of support more than ever. That includes our foundation, including our Flash Forward Incubator program for youth.

Our program is moving forward and if you can help, you will help protect our precarious future as a registered charity. The Magenta Foundation needs your support, you can donate here through our PayPal page. Any amount you can spare, even $25, will help us continue on. As always, we thank you so much.