Covid Project: A Love Letter for the City of Toronto

Public Art Installation
Location: The Drake Hotel
1106 Queen St West

Public Art Installation Dates
July 8 to Sept 8th, 2020

Presented by
Magenta and Partners in Art

In Partnership with
The Drake Hotel, SkyGrid, Saman Designs and Kristine Do

During this time of Covid and fear, creating public art with Hope & Love is at the heart of this public art piece at The Drake. When photographer John Hryniuk started to document this important time in our lives, he did it with such a deep empathetic compassion, the idea of creating a public art for the city of Toronto and its community, was realized.

Hopefully we can help make people think about the light at the end of this tunnel—that it doesn’t have to be complete doom and gloom, and that positivity and cooperation will help get us through it all.

This project came together because we were inspired by John’s work. We felt it needed to be in the public and we wanted a daily reminder for everyone to keep doing their part, stay safe and carry on. You can visit his website at

And John’s work during this pandemic is extraordinary. We are always inspired by artists who get out there and document a moment in our history.

We’d like to THANK all the people who made this possible. First and foremost, we’d like to thank John Hryniuk for trusting us with this idea and allowing us to run with it. Jennifer Morton and the amazing Partners in Art for all they do for the arts and most of all, for their enthusiastic approval to make this happen.

Joyce Lo; The Drake, Blair Sayer; Skygrid, Murat Saman; Saman Design for his incredible printing and our designer Kristine Do for creating such a beautiful fence project with us.

We should all be proud that our country is doing as well as it is during this pandemic BUT we must not let our guard down. As you pass by the Drake, remember to stay safe, keep your distance and most of all, keep on wearing a mask. Together, with everyone doing their part to prevent the spread of Covid, we will see brighter days.

If you pass by this project and take a photo to share on social media, please use the hashtag #TorontoLoveLetter