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  • Hey! I’m Liam Mackenzie (@liammackenziephoto), the Special Interest winner for the LGBTQ+ category! I’m very excited to take over this Instagram for a week. I will be sharing my self portraiture, some projects I’ve be working on, and work from my archives! Also, I will be sharing some music through the stories because music is such a massive source of inspiration for me through the instagram stories. For now, here is an extremely professional and serious business self portrait to properly introduce myself.
  • Photography is interesting because you can tell stories using just still pictures, no words. Sometimes it feels like you’re expected to write a pseudo academic dissertation on each photo that outlines the meaning- I am not very good at writing, and used photography as a way to express things I found hard to put into words. If you get the picture, then I think I’ve done my job. If not then guess I’ll have to try something different next time
  • I’m at @torontooutdoorart this dUNDag, booth A52. If you’re in Toronto you should come by!