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  • Hello Everyone! This is @emilyberl from Los Angeles, CA and I’m taking over the @magentafoundation Instagram this week. I’ll be sharing images from my ongoing project “(LAND)” as well as some older work. #magentafoundation and #FlashForward2019.

A bit about me: I was born and raised in Washington, DC and attended Boston University where I studied art history and photojournalism. My work explores people and communities rooted in specific cultural ideas, particularly those with similar dreams, aspirations and obsessions. Since moving to Los Angeles, much of my work has explored the edges of the entertainment industry. My first monograph, "Marilyn", was published in 2018 through Swiss publisher Sturm & Drang.
“Hollywood Sign” from “(LAND)”

An ongoing project, “(LAND)” explores the periphery of fame, fandom and celebrity in and around Los Angeles. Through this work, I aim to engage age-old cliches about the entertainment industry and question the significance of a world I find myself just outside of.

This series considers The Hollywood Dream and those who strive for it. The dedication so many people have to The Dream reflects the place the entertainment industry holds in our collective consciousness. In some ways, the industry is a numbing distraction from the essential realities of our existence. In other ways, it is what we connect with most and what helps us interpret realities different from our own. For better or for worse, this industry is an integral part of our lives, and its contradictions are a reflection of ourselves.
  • Mike’s Guitar. Whitleyville, TN. @rachelboillot #moonshinephotobook #moonshine #cumberlandplateau #tennessee #magentafoundation #FlashForward2019 #oldtimemusic #largeformatphotography
  • Eugene and the Jesus Rocks Ministry. @rachelboillot #moonshinephotobook #magentafoundation #FlashForward2019 #cumberlandplateau #tennessee #largeformatphotography