Upcoming Publications Spring 2019

Hello Magenta friends!

This spring we’ll be releasing two exciting new publications. One is Tokyo-Yokosuka, a title we’re highly anticipating from Greg Girard. “The photographs in Tokyo-Yokosuka 1976-1983 are about the Tokyo I was living in at the time. It would be some years later before I started making a living as a magazine photographer and many years after that before I started to consider this early, mostly unpublished, work from Japan to be significant,” Girard says.

The other title we’re thrilled to have in our lineup is In Guns We Trust by Jean-Francois Bouchard. Many photographers have taken an interest in gun culture in the US. Bouchard’s point of view brings to light the new extremes of military-grade weapon use and adopts a cinematic form that transforms reality into a surreal and eerie parallel world. Shot from the sky or at night, the photos become eerily beautiful. In Guns We Trust walks us through a different viewpoint in gun culture, where family and recreational time completely hinges on pulling the trigger.

Both of these titles will be published this spring and you can read more about them on our website on our new Upcoming Books page.