Tokyo-Yokosuka 1976-1983 by Greg Girard Exhibition Opening and Book Launch

Tokyo-Yokosuka 1976-1983 Exhibition Opening and Book Launch
May 8
Patel Gallery, as part of CONTACT Photography Festival

Artist in attendance

Magenta friends, please join us in Toronto for this special event, featuring Greg Girard (who will be in attendance) and the publication Tokyo-Yokosuka 1976-1983.

“I first arrived in Tokyo in 1976, intending to stay a day or two on my way to SE Asia. I checked my luggage at the airport, took the train into the city and got off at the bright lights of Shinjuku. I wandered the streets all night and by morning decided I was going to stay.” -Greg Girard

Join us in Toronto for the exhibition and book launch of Tokyo-Yokosuka 1976-1983 by Greg Girard. His photographs from Tokyo-Yokosuka are artifacts of a pre-bubble Tokyo, before it acquired imaginative shape as the late 20th Century’s default for a 21st Century city. Television, cinema, newspapers and magazines were the prevailing outlets for information and entertainment. The US Seventh Fleet, based in nearby Yokosuka, was a reminder of the late Cold War realities of the day.

These photographs, largely unseen since they were first made, reveal a pre-Blade Runner Tokyo, just before neon-drenched near-future Asian megacities entered the popular imagination. Girard’s Tokyo mixes post-war scruffiness with a transitional modernity, moments before the city (and Japan) slow-motion exploded into our late 20th Century consciousness.

Order your own copy of Tokyo-Yokosuka 1976-1983 here.