Discontents of Queer Visibility
Two recent exhibitions assay the experience of the queer body.

Powerful Empathies
Marion Wagschal's bodies bear the weight of the human condition.

Water Bodies
Intimacy and race in the art and writing of Hannah Black

Notes from an Edge
Tanya Busse explores northern European geopolitics

Taste test
Joshua Vettivelu examines class, branding, desire and art objects

Every Woman
Ciara Phillips and the intersection of art, labour and gender

Negative Reversals
Thomas Ruff manipulates the layers and histories of photographic images.

Labour and Leisure
Rodney Graham and the aesthetics of break time.

Making Strange
Liza Eurich’s uncanny objects confound passive viewing.

Hard Science
Environmental alarm bell, artwork or both? With a team of scientists, artist Kelly Jazvac makes a newly discovered ‘rock’ art’s latest Readymade.