Our Spring Publication Featuring Greg Girard AND Edition Toronto Book Fair News

Photo by Greg Girard

Hi Magenta friends,

Happy Early Fall!

We hope you’ve had a busy and productive summer. We’ve been continuing to collaborate on Edition Toronto, the upcoming Toronto book fair running in conjunction with Art Toronto (more below). And in very recent news, we’ve announced a highly anticipated spring publication…

Under Vancouver 1972-1982 by Greg Girard

Arco Hotel 1975 by Greg Girard
Above: Arco Hotel 1975 by Greg Girard

Under Vancouver 1972-1982 is the first comprehensive collection of Girard’s early photographs of Vancouver. Made in and of the moment, a young photographer’s earliest engagements (often featuring the underside of the city), the pictures now form an unintended photographic record of a Vancouver that has all but disappeared. They reveal an early interest in the hidden and the overlooked, the use of colour film at night, and the extended photographic inquiry of a specific place, all of which became signature features of later books such as City of Darkness and City of Darkness Revisited (about the infamous Kowloon Walled City), Phantom Shanghai and Hanoi Calling.

As always, stay tuned here and on social media (Facebook, Twitter in particular) for upcoming information on this publication.

Edition Toronto Book Fair News

Rutherford's "We Buy White Albums" on view at the Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo (2015). Photo courtesy the artist.
Above: Rutherford Chang’s We Buy White Albums, part of Edition Toronto’s programming. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Lots of news about Edition Toronto Art Book Fair that is just over a month away. We’re seeking volunteers from October 24 to 31, so please do sign up or spread the word (or both): editiontoronto.com/volunteers. The programming is absolutely stellar, too many must-attends from panels to speakers and more to mention right here, but check out this list and mark it down on your calendar or join the Edition Toronto Facebook event page for an auto-reminder.

Among the aforementioned Edition Toronto programming is a show-and-tell-style presentation from Book Club. This club was featured in Toronto Standard‘s Shelf Life column and offers up a fascinating glimpse into this particular group of bibliophiles. Edition Toronto is also given a succinct nod in the forthcoming Fall issue of Canadian Art coming out September 15th, so do have a look!

Hope to see you all out in late October!