Tokyo-Yokosuka 1976–1983

Greg Girard’s photographs in Tokyo-Yokosuka 1976–1983 are artifacts of a pre-bubble Tokyo, before it acquired imaginative shape as the late 20 century’s default for a 21st century-city. The US Navy’s 7th Fleet, based in nearby Yokosuka, was a reminder of the Cold War century realties of the day. More than three decades after they were made these photographs provide an unexpected glimpse of two historical streams passing in opposite directions: one, the decline of US ore-eminence in the region; the other, the emergence of an Asian City, the non-West, as the default for what the future might look like. Girard’s photographs combine remnants of post-war scruffiness with a transitional modernity, ground-level Tokyo moments before it exploded slow-motion into our late 20th century-consciousness.

Hardcover, 7" × 9.75", 160 pages
100+ colour and black & white photographs
ISBN 978-1-926856-14-8

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