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The Station Point
Robert Bourdeau

Taken over the past four decades throughout Europe and North America, “Station Point” presents a survey of Robert Bourdeau’s large-format photographs of age-old landscapes, historical treasures of architecture nestled in the countryside and inactive industrial sites reclaimed by nature. This book is co-published by the Magenta Foundation and Stephen Bulger Gallery.

First Edition: 2011
Format & Features
Texts by Bill Ewing, Sophie Hackett & Ann Thomas
Hardcover, 12 ½" × 10"
240 pages
100+ full-colour & duotone photographs
ISBN 978-0-9739739-8-3

Special Edition Book with cloth book, print in wooden box $600
Sold at Stephen Bulger Gallery
List Price
$60 (trade edition book)
$600 (linen book, signed, in wood box with print)

Outside North America by Thames & Hudson