The Dead
Jack Burman

Canadian photographer Jack Burman has created a hypnotic collection of still-lifes of long-departed but painstakingly preserved people, specimens and skeletons — dehumanized but very human; flawed but very beautiful. Exquisitely captured, Burman’s post-mortem documentation addresses not only death, but the lives that came before.

“The photographs are shocking in their intimacy. With clear respect in their representation, Jack Burman works excruciatingly close to their humanity, and to their death.” Taken from the foreword by Martha Hanna, Director of the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography.

Foreword by
Martha Hanna
Format & Features
Interview by Robert Enright
Hardcover, 7¼" × 10½"
128 pages
52 photographs, full-colour throughout
ISBN 978-1-926856-00-1

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