• From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf
  • From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf
  • From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf
  • From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf
  • From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf
  • From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf
  • From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf
  • From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf
  • From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf
  • From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf
  • From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf
  • From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf
  • From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf
  • From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf
  • From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf
  • From Sentimental by Michelle Groskopf

Michelle Groskopf

Sentimental is the first monograph by Michelle Groskopf. The work is from her life and the streets of Los Angeles. It’s her love letter to the city and it’s people. In her own words, “It’s ok to STARE” sums up what makes Sentimental special.

We tend to forget that most of life takes place up close, where we cross each other’s paths. When we frame that energy, we can marvel at its beauty.

This is Los Angeles. This book is a map of my whims. It’s a diary, in memory of all the days I trotted half in love down the street. It’s how I see colors and how I hold faces up to be worshipped. It’s my love letter to this grand city and it’s people. It’s also a love letter to my childhood and all the ways it shaped my aesthetic. This is how I formulate my daily geography, the very things that prop me up and keep me afloat.

This book is for you. I want you to have it. I want you to know that it’s ok to stare.

— Michelle Groskopf

Book Launch and Opening
Saturday April 14, 2018
5:00–8:00 pm

Book Signing
6:00–7:00 pm

April 14–21, 2018

777 Alameda St., Bldg. M-2: Suite #132
Los Angeles CA 90021

First Edition: 2018
Format & Features
Q&A with Anna Condo

Hardcover, 8.3" × 11"
100 pages
100+ colour photographs
Printed & bound in Canada
ISBN 978-1-926856-12-4

Download Sample PDF →
List Price
$60.00 (book)

Michelle Groskopf

Originally hailing from Canada, Michelle Groskopf is a Los Angeles based photographer. Her work is a mix of photo journalism, portraiture and street photography. She holds a BFA in film and video production from the School of Visual Arts in New York where she also taught as an adjunct professor in the graduate film and video dept. She is a member of the celebrated flash photography collective Full Frontal Flash. Her work has been shown around the world and featured in publications such as The British Journal of Photography, American Photo, The Huffington Post, Vice Magazine and It’s Nice That, among others. Michelle is dedicated to empowering youth through photography and education initiatives working with the Lucie Foundation, Educare and Youth Arts to inspire the next generation of photographers and artists. Her clients include, Refinery 29, Bloomberg Businessweek, Vice Magazine, Marie Claire France, Aftenposten, and Stern Magazine. She is represented by Probation Agency.

Anna Condo is an award winning director and photographer. Anna was born in Armenia, during the Soviet Era, and grew up as a political refugee in France. Anna has been an actor for over a decade. Her work includes Cannes award winning films. She is also the Editor and Publisher of AH Allen a tribute book to Alan Ginsburg featuring original work from Nan Goldin, Louise Bourgeois, Gus Van Sant and many more.

An Q&A with Michelle and Anna will be included in the book.

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Michelle Groskopf


Driven by both a sense of nostalgia and one of optimism, Groskopf turns her lens on the young people she encounters on the streets of Los Angeles, New York, and London. When she finds someone she wants to photograph, Groskopf tries to interfere as little as possible, usually catching her subjects in a candid moment. Of course, sometimes she can't help but be noticed. "It’s fun when I approach them, because they’re always like, 'Who’s this strange mom-type lady with a camera and flash?!'" Refinery 29: 21 Photos That Will Change How You Think About Gen Z »