• Phantom Shanghai

Phantom Shanghai
Greg Girard

For the past five years Greg Girard has been photographing the buildings, shops, homes and neighborhoods that are unlikely to survive Shanghai’s vision of its own future.

As Shanghai modernizes and seeks acceptance as an international city, buildings and neighbourhoods that were once preserved “by accident” are now being purposefully demolished. The present formula is: development for profit plus central planning minus public debate.

Phantom Shanghai is a spectacular look at the Shanghai that won’t survive the vision the place has for itself. This stunning photographic journey is a look at the present day Shanghai after its four decades of a deep freeze when urban development for profit stopped to the present day where both these Shanghais still occupy a single city—it’s the moment where politically-inspired neglect meets politically-inspired development.

Foreword by
William Gibson
First Edition: 2007
Format & Features
Hardcover, 12 ½" × 10"
240 pages
100+ photographs
Full-colour throughout
ISBN # 978-0-9739739-1-4
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