Untitled by Gabrielle Whittle (Thayer Academy)

TD Bank Group

The Magenta Foundation gratefully acknowledges the support of TD Bank Group for their ongoing commitment to Flash Forward and to emerging artists.

The Flash Forward Incubator Program is dedicated to supporting emerging artists within the high school setting. While proposing a new and exciting model for arts education and arts funding, the Incubator Program prepares students for their transition out of high school and into the next phases of their artistic careers.

For the 2017 Incubator program we are looking for the creation of contemporary photo based mixed media work that explores the theme of HABITAT TRANSFORMATION through varied narratives and imagery that document the world around us, present possibilities for the future, and/or inspire a reflection on our past.

We are very proud of the work that all of our Flash Forward Incubator participants have completed this year. All Incubator participants will be published in – and receive copies of – the 2017 Incubator Program catalogue. We are excited to continue our support of emerging artists in their earliest steps toward their career in the arts.

Save the Date
May 27, 2017

Villa Victoria Center for the Arts
85 W Newton St, Boston, MA 02118, USA


A special thank you to our program leaders and our team of instructors and educators for their effort in making Flash Forward Incubator a continuing success.

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Developed in collaboration with industry professionals and educators, the primarily online platform integrates independent and interactive instructional methods, and offers diverse opportunities to give and receive feedback from teachers, and Magenta’s education team. Carefully developed online activities encourage research, experimentation, risk taking, inquiry, and reflection. In school, and while students develop their work of art, teachers are actively involved and assist students with the unique technical skills required for students to successfully achieve their visions.

Upon completion, all students leave with the knowledge required to write a successful project proposal, a good understanding of historical and contemporary artists related to the theme, a signature piece for their portfolio as well as a publication.

Program Leaders
Jenny McCowan
Nathalie Sienkiewicz

Boston Team Leaders
Andrew M.K. Warren
Shelley Zatsky
Jesse Stansfield