Flash Forward Incubator
is a key leader in fostering the future generation of visual artists in Canada.
Incubator participants use a mobile digital platform, connecting innovation and technology to their final artworks.

The Flash Forward Incubator Program is dedicated to fostering future practitioners in Canada coast to coast by giving youth from diverse backgrounds the mentorship they need to create their work and a platform to amplify their voices through exhibitions and publications.

The Magenta Foundation gratefully acknowledges the support of TD Bank Group for their ongoing commitment to Flash Forward and to emerging artists.

TD Bank Group

About the Program

The Flash Forward Incubator Program builds an inclusive arts community that fosters diversity in our future leaders and art stars. This dynamic, coast-to-coast program creates a vibrant and connected community, one that brings youth from diverse backgrounds together to share their art with each other and the rest of Canada. Through an online platform, hands-on mentorships and leadership opportunities, Flash Forward Incubator promotes specialized training in arts, culture, and new media, where unique voices are empowered and a sense of belonging and inclusiveness is cultivated.

Through nationwide gallery exhibitions, professional and post-secondary associations and festival partnerships, Magenta is committed to cultivating the next generation of artists in Canada by giving youth their first public presentation and publication opportunity, with access to key artistic and cultural communities. This portal allows young people to elevate their talents and abilities for a future in the arts as cultural producers within and beyond their communities.

Six Pillars

Within the frame of the Flash Forward Incubator Program, there are six pillars of education and work experience the program assists with:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Community
  • Online Community
  • Professional
  • Leadership
  • Mentorship

Diversity and Inclusion  

The Incubator Program practices inclusion of all regardless of ethnicity, language, race, ability, sex, sexual or gender identity, sexual orientation, family status, income, immigrant or refugee status, nationality, place of birth, generational status, and native status.

The Incubator Program encourages the expression of all individual regardless of ethnicity, language, race, ability, sex, sexual or gender identity, sexual orientation, family status, income, immigrant or refugee status, nationality, place of birth, generational status, and native status. With open-ended themes, individual voices, experiences and perspectives are brought to the forefront. Caring and enthusiastic mentors support youth in developing their own unique voices.


Inclusiveness and diversity is built and celebrated by empowering youth. Each and every youth, through our online platform are supported and encouraged to spark conversations with one another, raise awareness on issues that not only impact people locally, but reach across our boarders, allowing the viewers to relate to the story behind the piece, as seen in all the artist statements, accompanied by each art piece.

Online Community

Students participate in a minimum of 4 month online mentorship program that supports youth in developing the skills needed to take their work to the next level.


Builds access and the critical tools and opportunities for future professional artists through offering a professional gallery show and publication that youth can add to their resume. Professional mentors including festival directors, professional artists and industry professionals offer continuous mentorship in support of the development of skills and tools. Gallery Shows are held with National and international partners – Capture Photo Festival in Vancouver – Exposure in Calgary, Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto, and The Art Gallery of Hamilton. The end of year Silent Auction allows youth to begin relationships with a professional community and access to their first collector.


Promotes specialized training and hands-on mentorship in culture, new media and intercultural skills for youth. This new Leadership Lab is how we cultivate our future leaders.


Fosters all voices of youth and gives them the platform to participate in their community and share their vision to create a sense of belonging and inclusiveness.

Upcoming Programs
The Incubator Curatorial Summer Workshop

The Incubator Curatorial Summer Workcamp is a FREE eight-week summer program that will be offered to serious minded youth, 19-29, who have completed the Incubator program are are looking for further mentorship and leadership. This Curatorial Workcamp is a direct work experience education mentorship, led by Marianne Katzman, from Katzman Contemporary.

Throughout the course of the program, emerging curators will learn about the different components of creating an exhibition, meet with various curators, and organize an exhibition of artwork.  They will organize their first group exhibition and event, from conception to realization.

This hands-on curatorial program and work experience will be the only program of its kind in Canada.

Core Team

Lead Education Coordinator‎
& program-wide online mentor (Toronto)
Jenny McCowan

Professional photographer
& Community Program + online mentor (Toronto)
Diana Nazareth

Professional photographer
& program-wide online mentor (Hamilton, Toronto)
Marnie McFadden

Lead educator Newfoundland
& program-wide online mentor
Andrya Duff

Director of the Capture Photography Festival
& online mentor (Vancouver)
Kate Henderson

Engagement and Education at Capture
& online mentor (Vancouver)
Laura Noonan

Festival Director of the Exposure Photography Festival
& online mentor (Calgary)
Lizzie Carr

Flash Forward in all formats
Forging ahead

The Flash Forward Program is a strong and vital part of any emerging artist’s life. We have clearly positioned ourselves in the early advancement of artists so that they can use our platform to kick-start their careers. With each passing year, we are amazed at the quality of the submissions for the competition. Flash Forward allows the Magenta Foundation to bring the best and brightest for our youth, where trends, inspiration and essential tools are critical for every emerging artist.

It has been a real honour to witness the difference Flash Forward makes to the lives of artists. We look forward to forging ahead, and to aligning ourselves with the digital era, to ensure we are providing what artists need to succeed.


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