Flash Forward/Flash Back Every Week

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Hello Magenta Friends,

We hope you’ve been staying tuned to Flash Forward/Flash Back, our engaging new platform under the direction of editor Laurence Butet-Roch. Each week we post new content, from conversations by Flash Forward artists, to in-depth looks at important work.

“I’ve modelled the Flash Forward Flash Back website along the lines of my real-life encounters with fellow photographers, editors and academics. Those conversations often lead to the discovery of new work and new artists, the recommendations of shows to attend and books to purchase, and discussions about approach, ethics, representation and responsibility,” says Butet-Roch. You can read her full editor’s letter here.

Don’t miss one of the most recent roundtable posts that poses one of photography’s most challenging questions: How do artists honour the dignity of those they are representing?

Let us know what you think, we’re on Twitter at @MagentaFDN and Facebook as

Flash Forward 2018 Books

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Hello Magenta Friends!

This year’s new direction for the Flash Forward award brought us new friends, more audience and many accolades to help us celebrate all the amazing talent we see in the competition each year. We are busy behind the scenes creating the publication of the TOP 100 photographers, selected by the jurors, from this year’s Flash Forward 2018.

This year’s foreword text will be written by Chloe Coleman, Photo Editor at Washington Post.

The special interest categories; RACE, LGBTQ, CLIMATE AND FEMALE-IDENTIFYING will have their own little artist books produced by our new partner Anteism Publishing. Both sets of books are underway. All books will be launched at our Edition Toronto art book fair this October. At this time we would like to thank our Presenting Sponsor, TD Bank Group.

3/Edition Toronto Vendors and More

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Hello Magenta Friends! Hope the summer has been treating you well.

Looking on to fall, this year’s Edition Toronto art book fair is shaping up to be one amazing experience. Vendors from the US, Berlin, Brooklyn, London, Virginia, Ann Arbour, Montreal and of course Toronto will be showcasing their wares. The list of amazing vendors is confirmed and you can see them here and the programming will be posted on our website very soon.

All our vendors will bring something special to help mark 3/edition and make it memorable and amazing. When you are partnering with Art Toronto as we are, you can count on us to deliver something special.

The dates for the fair are October 26 to 28, 2018 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Admission is FREE!!!!!!!! We hope you join us! See you there.

Flash Forward 2018 Winners Announced!

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Hello Magenta Friends,

Hope this lovely month of May finds you well. Over here we have our biggest news of the year, the names of the winners of #FlashForward2018. Flash Forward 2018 is our emerging photographers’ competition, and this year to refresh, we’ve headed in a new direction by introducing 4 new Special Interest categories, as well as opening up the competition to emerging photographers around the world. The depth and breadth of talent amazed us, and on behalf of our esteemed jurors, we are so very honoured and pleased to name these winners.

Our Special Interest category winners are:


The above are the Special Interest category winners, however many more are named to the Flash Forward 2018 winners circle–100 of them. See the FULL LIST of winners at our website magentafoundation.org/flashforward. If you’re sharing this news on social media, please use the hashtag #FlashForward2018 and tag us! CONGRATS to all our worthy and impressive winners.

As ever, a big thanks is in order to our Presenting Sponsor, TD Bank Group.

Congrats to all!

Flash Forward 2018 and The Globe and Mail Newspaper

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Hello Magenta Friends,

In addition to releasing our big news about the winners of Flash Forward 2018, we’re also so pleased to share that our national newspaper in Canada, The Globe and Mail, has published a number of articles featuring our #FlashForward2018 winners and their important work. We encourage you to settle in with a drink and take the time to read and look through these articles and discover our Flash Forward 2018 winner and the amazing artists in our special interest categories.

One of our 100 Flash Forward 2018 Winners:Through the Eyes of Saige Mukash

Our Special Interest Categories:

In Photos: Magenta Foundation, LGTBQ+

In Photos: Magenta Foundation, Climate Change

In Photos: Magenta Foundation, Racial Issues

In Photos: Magenta Foundation, Female Identifying

We would love to hear what you think of these thought-provoking and inspiring articles. Please let us know on social media. On Twitter we’re at @magentaFDN and on Facebook we’re at facebook/themagentafoundation.

Flash Forward/Flash Back News

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Hello Magenta Friends,

As you might recall some 6 months ago, we announced that Stage 1 of our new website Flash Forward/Flash Back was live. And we’ve been hard at work since, creating a space for inspiration and discussion.

We’re happy to announce that Laurence Butet-Roch is taking on the role of editor. Aside from continuing to celebrate the works of past and present winners, through profiles and highlights, the site will also host discussions with practitioners around questions relating to the medium and its usages. We will invite guest editors to present their coup de cœur, and lists some of the incredible new projects, commissions, exhibitions and publications.

New content will be added each week, starting with a look at four Flash Forward winners whose work touched on this year’s four special categories. Please come and join us in this exciting new direction at Flash Forward/Flash Back.

Thank you to Presenting Sponsor TD Bank Group for its help in all the areas of Flash Forward. And a thank you to everyone: our artists to our jurors, editors and friends. Have a great month!